Academia and NGOs: Open your data!

Get your free Opendatasoft portal** and become more transparent with your community.  

Open data can help you to:


check-orange.png Create dynamic annual reports with data vizualisations;

check-orange.png Communicate with your supporters and community as a whole;

check-orange.png Improve your organization's internal and external communication; 

check-orange.png Promote innovation within your organization;

check-orange.png Make your data understandable with maps and charts;

check-orange.png Say goodbye to never-ending Excel files.


Make use of your data by filling OUT THis FORM!



** The portal offers the full functionality of the OpenDataSoft platform for an unlimited number of users, and up to 20 datasets (100,000 records max per dataset/2GB uncompressed raw data and 50,000 API calls a month).