In this case study: 

you will discover the key factors that helped STAR, a subsidiary of Keolis, become a pioneer in opening transportation data.

  • Magic in a few clicks: STAR (Keolis Rennes) opened their data, shared REST APIs and customized their new portal without writing a single line of code.
  • Get things done: it took only 15 minutes for teams at Keolis Rennes to wrap their heads around the OpenDataSoft solution. 
  • Real time data made easy: STAR can publish real time data streams in a matter of minutes.
  • Never stop improving: while Keolis Rennes is focusing on data, OpenDataSoft takes care of the technical tidbits.

A pioneer within the Keolis group, the public transportation provider for the Greater Rennes area is also the first actor in the mobility sector to have put such an emphasis on data as a way to respond to the needs of its users. The launch of its new portal in September 2014 strengthens the initiative it began four years earlier, seeking to extend access to data for travelers and local developers.