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The Essential Metadata checklist

Get our checklist and never forget which metadata to provide when publishing a dataset! Fill out the form and start bringing visibility to your data with metadata.

With this checklist you will learn:

  • What metadata are and why they matter to your Open Data portal;
  • What the most essential metadata are;
  • What information should be added to each item of metadata.

Fill out the form and get your checklist now!


More THan 70 cities and organizations around the world use THE opendatasoft solution to bring value to their data.


Kingston trusts OpenDataSoft with its data:

“As we release more open data on the portal there will be many more opportunities to improve life for area residents and businesses and even promote data-sharing between internal City departments. It is exciting to be part of it.”

Scott Tulk, Technology Solutions Architect in Information Systems and Technology

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